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LYRA Ensemble - Wedding Earring in Sterling & Topaz or Gold Diamonds


A beautiful and practical pair of earrings for your wedding. Wear just the middle hoop with its sparkling baguettes for the wedding itself… and wear all 3 hoops together for all the fabulous parties before and after. You can wear the huggies for all advance meetings. Add the short & long hoops for your bridal shower. Wear the short hoop for your rehearsal dinner. These also are great travel earrings - allowing you to be discreet or as sparkling as the occasion calls for.

This single pair of elegant, interchangeable earrings can be worn 8 different ways. The topaz huggies in white or blue make great bridesmaid gifts!

Choose from either 14k white gold or sterling silver. They both have sparkling huggies. They both have 3 fabulous hoops that allow you to create 8 different pair of earrings from this single pair. The both have a middle hoop with sparkling baguettes.

Choose sterling silver earrings with sparkling white topaz baguettes.. To create a slightly different 2-toned look - buy a pair of blue topaz huggies. The topaz huggies are a great price.

But if you simply must have the best - choose 14kw with diamond baguettes. There are over 3 carats worth of diamonds. They will last you a lifetime and you will never get bored.

Inquire about other stone options and other metals - like 18k and platinum. The sky (and the stars) are the limit.

Largest hoop is 52.5mm x 22mm OD and . Huggie is 12 mm tall.

Metal weight 14K = 18.27 g / pair. Diamonds range is: RD—0.8mm—1.8mm. BG 5 x 2.5mm x 2.5 x 1.5mm