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Cluster Stacking Rings


Buy one, buy 2 or buy them all. A stack of rings in 14ky with Ethiopian opals, tanzanites, diamonds and pink tourmaline stones play together to brighten your finger.

There are so many options for this stack of rings - the littlest ring, the Astra, alone could be a wonderful gift for anyone from your favorite 10 year old upwards to any age. But stack 3 or 4 or more together and create an amazing constellation of sparkling and flashing amazing color. The middle ring, the Elara ring, is also perfect on it’s own - but it plays well with either the Corona ring (with the pink tourmalines) or the Astra. This is definitely the fun of a stack of rings!!!

Astra Ring - 3mm opal; 10 - 1mm diamonds;

Elara Ring - 8 x 6mm Ethiopian Opal: 2 - 2.5mm  round tanzanites.

Corona Ring - Pink Tourmaline: Round 3mm, Baguettes 1.5x4.5mm; Square 3mm