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Constellation Elongated Drop Earrings with White Sapphire


Hip, sophisticated, fun celebration of the stars.... don't keep these earrings in your lock box - these are meant to be worn!!! The Constellation Elongated earrings with white sapphires are the casual alternative to diamonds. (Hmmm - might be the perfect pair to take on your next trip… even if it is only to the grocery store or Zoom party.)

These Elongated earrings are 14k with 1.1 ct sapphires; 0.08 ct diamonds. Length: 55mm (appx 2-3/8") , from top of ear wire to bottom. The gemstones include white sapphires, and tiny diamonds. They are lightweight and swing gracefully from side to side. These can be worn for so many occasions from casual to dressy, but depending on the style of the dress, could even be great wedding earrings. Contact me to change the sapphires into diamonds to create an even more dress-up earring.

You can choose the metals - sterling or gold (14k or 18k). Each option effects the final price.