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Cirrus Ming Pearl Pendant

$270.00 $535.00

We have run out of stock for this item.

Exquisite pink and gold, bead nucleated Ming (also called Edison) pearls. My personal favorites have these amazing colors and interesting shapes, which is why I chose these.

This pendant is 14ky and the spiral design is from the Cirrus collection. The length of the entire pendant is 1" x 1/2".  The bail is open so it allows for small to large chains. 

And there is a great pair of earrings that work with this pendant to create a set. The colors play extremely well together. These are definitely NOT your grandma's pearls!!

These are the freshwater pearl answer to Tahitian and South Sea pearls. And they are exquisite. Some come very pink and gold and some are much paler. Some are very baroque. Some are smoother. So many choices. From  the minute someone introduced me to this pearl - I fell in love. These are not like any other pearl. 

Of course -  I HAD to make a beautiful pendant that you can wear with any of your chains... or hang on a leather or rubber necklace, to be a little trendy. And now, they are on sale!