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It has been an emotional few months.  I need to stay positive.

It has been an emotional few months. I need to stay positive.

In spite of the summer sunshine, beautiful flowers and these earrings winning 1st prize in the InStore Design competition (which was REALLY wonderful, by the way), this has been an emotional few weeks. A long time friend passed away suddenly from Prion Disease - which has no treatment and no cure. (It is related to Mad Cow Disease. And horrible). I just recently visited a friend in Canada who I have known since I was 6 years old - and she is now 101.  She is sometimes with us - and sometimes not. Just the other day, another friend lost his dog of 13 years. And one more thing, just yesterday - a close friend was just diagnosed with ALS. My heart is so sad and it needs joy. 

Old age is what will happen to all of us - and honestly 101 is amazing. I have no words about Prion Disease. But ALS has some exciting treatments that are being tested now - including regenerative treatments. But imagine if YOU received that diagnosis... All this has struck me very hard. And I need to be strong to support my friends. 

I am a positive person. I do my best to be funny and joyful, and not to be negative. THIS is one of the reasons I create colorful jewelry.... with tons of sparkle. Sometimes color and "happy" jewelry has the ability to raise one's spirits. Believe me - I am trying to put on all my jewelry right now, to try to raise my own spirits. No, I am NOT going to take a photo of me trying to wear it all at once. Just trust me it is pretty silly. And that is making me smile.

I hope YOU will find that my colorful jewelry helps to make you smile, too. I am not a political being - so there is no politics involved with my jewelry. It is just designed with the colors of the universe in mind. And I believe in the universe.