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Designer Spotlight: Martha Seely

JCK Online • December 23, 2015

"As JCK’s Design Ambassador, I’m constantly being exposed to new art and new faces. Martha Seely immediately put a huge smile on my face from our first interaction. She is warm, friendly, professional, and extremely passionate about what she does. Her design process, [...] struck me as a beautiful symphony with her as the thoughtful composer. What also delighted me is her humility. She’s rubbed elbows with some of Hollywood’s elite, but has absolutely no ego about it. In fact, she mentioned in our exchange that she only truly gets starstruck when introduced to one of her idols within the jewelry industry. She is continually inspired by her peers, her materials, her process, but most importantly that mysterious place of wonder, the cosmos."

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INSTORE Design Competition 2021

3rd Place - Best Earrings under $5000

Eclipse Earrings from the Blue Hour Collection
Made in 14ky with Swiss blue topaz.

Size: 33.38mm x 21mm; (1.32” x 0.8”)

Large oval topaz is 14 x 12 mm
London blue topaz is 3mm
34 - 1.3mm diamonds (0.68ct)

INSTORE Design Competition 2020

2nd Place - Best Earring under $5000

Post earring and jacket hoop in 14K white gold with tanzanite (3.60 TCW) and diamonds (0.34 TCW). Interchangeable components.

INSTORE Design Competition 2020

Retailers Choice - Best Earring under $5000 

925 sterling rhodium-plated post earrings with London blue topaz (2.01 TCW) and AA sapphires (0.353 TCW) with satin finish in front and high polish in back. 

INSTORE Design Competition 2019

2nd Place - Best Gold Jewelry Under $5000

LYRA interchangeable hoop earrings in 14K yellow and white gold with London blue topaz baguettes and tiny diamond melee.

INSTORE Design Awards 2018

2nd Place - Silver

Antares Post oxidized sterling silver earrings from the Shooting Stars collection, each set with a 7mm blue moonstone with blue and gray diamonds and tiny sterling star set with a diamond


Regina Sigman: Oxidized silver with diamonds and blue moonstones with the little star drop! OOOOH! I love earrings that need to be worn either right or left. These beauties are special.

Jennifer Gandia: A mash-up between the celestial and geometric trends that just works! These are bold and fun, and that little dangle will give just the right amount of movement when worn.

InDesign Awards 2017

3rd Place Colored Gemstone Jewelry


“The rough appearance of the aquamarines are beautifully balanced by the fluidity of the yellow gold and diamond earrings.”
– Amanda Gizzi

“Very cool, love detail of the organic pavé. Great combination of organic and stylized elements.”
– Tara Silberberg

“They look like mobiles that sparkle. The uncut stones are a great juxtaposition.”
– Paul Schneider 

“Extremely graceful earrings. These would move beautifully as you walk!”
– Nadine McCarthy Kahane

 “Cool from every angle — love the length on these and the rough gem in the center. If it were faceted, it would totally have a different feel.”
– Danielle Miele

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Cover Jewelry

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April 2019

Photo by Scott Erb; Model Carolyn Stempler

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Shooting Stars Necklace

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by Martha Seely

December 11, 2018
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