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Sparkling Jewelry for the 2021 Holiday Season

Sparkling Jewelry for the 2021 Holiday Season

Writing blogs is not what I do well - but sometimes I get so excited about something I have to talk about it. And today, since it is now November, and I am working hard to get excited by the coming holidays, I wanted to share some thoughts about "sparkle". Because I love sparkle!! 

The cold weather arrives and the flowers die back... Now the frost shimmers and sparkles on the lawn. The air is clear of pollen and smog, and the stars seem to twinkle more brightly. Maybe it is because our nights are longer than our days now? Soon, we will see the snow on the ground sparkle in the sunlight and moonlight.

Though I definitely prefer the warm weather to the winter snow, because I grew up in the northeastern part of the US, the coming holiday season seems to shimmer more in the cold. The nights are longer and we light our candles and enjoy fires in our fireplaces. Some of us decorate our homes with festive and twinkling lights. Romance abounds.

The holiday season is when I gravitate toward sparkling jewelry, wearing it even when in my own home where no one but my immediate family sees it. I love silky, velvet sweaters with my jeans, and I wear my sparkling earrings. Somehow the coming holiday just feels more festive. I believe, it is about feeling good. For me, when I feel that I look good, I feel good, too. Silly, I know. I am not sure how that works. But it does. (And yes - true confessions here, I am one of those women who puts on make up every day, no matter whether I am leaving the house or not. It makes me feel pretty.)

My message to you today is to pull out your sparkling jewelry now and wear it with glee. Tis the season!!! Never mind if you are staying home - wear it!  Photograph it - and share it on social media. Feel beautiful! You deserve it. We just spent almost 2 years locked in our homes. So - take out your jewelry and wear it. Make every night an occasion!!!! And if you don't have something sparkly to wear, you might find something on my website that will appeal to you.