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Blue Hour Hoop Earrings with Opals and Diamonds


A designer is not supposed to have a favorite earring ….but I love a hoop earring. These are luxurious and they look beautiful on your ear with the Ethiopian opals flashing colors and the diamonds sparkling… but not too much. These earrings go EVERYWHERE! With every outfit. And no one will have anything like them.

1.5” tall (and wide) with a 10mm “button” in the middle. Each button has a 5mm Ethiopian opal and multiple diamonds, ranging in size, for a total of 0.44 ct diamonds. Made in 18ky.

One warning - for women who can’t wear anything that feels a little heavy, this earring might not be for you. I have tested them and can wear them daily without any bother at all. But for those of you who worry... take a peek at the Button earrings, instead.