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Andromeda Enamel and Gemstone Earrings


Andromeda Enamel and Gemstone Earrings - White Enamel - Aquamarines Blue Topaz & 1.4ct Natural Diamonds / 18k is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Bright and colorful dangle earrings in 18k with hand-painted enamel + gemstones. 

Available 18k or 14k.  Standard to the collection are white and black. Other colors are available to choose from. Prices are with natural diamonds but can be ordered with CVD.

Size: 49mm (1.9”) x 12.4mm (.5”)
Stones: The white enamel earrings have aquamarines, blue topaz + 1.4ct diamonds. The black enamel earrings have rubies + 1.6ct diamonds.